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Médicos del Mundo is an independent organisation that works to promote health care as a fundamental right of all people, especially those who live in conditions of poverty, and gender inequality, suffer social exclusion or are victims of humanitarian crises.
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/ / / / / / / The main mission of Médicos del Mundo and the professionals and volunteers who carry out the work of the organization is to heal. Every person who forms part of our organisation is committed to helping populations that suffer vulnerability or exclusion or that have affected by natural catastrophes, famines, illnesses, armed conflicts or political violence. Médicos el Mundo believes that recognition of victims’ right to receive assistance is of the highest importance.
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/ / / / / / / Our activities are not limited to countries in the Southern Hemisphere. Our work also involves helping communities of individuals who suffer the consequences of social exclusion and face difficulties in gaining access to the services offered by public health systems in welfare societies. Our objective is not to create alternative care systems, but rather to guarantee that all people enjoy the conditions necessary to establish and maintain a good state of health.

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/ / / / / / / Médicos del Mundo engages in health care initiatives that serve populations living in severe poverty, groups that suffer social exclusion and victims of humanitarian crises. It offers assistance to people whose human rights have been violated, carries out awareness-raising activities designed to promote positive social change and speaks out against the underlying causes of injustices.
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/ / / / / / / Médicos del Mundo is an organisation run by volunteer members who have a strong political and economic commitment to humanitarian aid.

More than 800 volunteers, most of them through the twelve regional offices located throughout Spain’s various Autonomous Communities and thousands of individual donors make the work of Médicos del Mundo possible. The organisation also has more than 700 employees. Together they fight against the diseases that plague the world, including injustice.
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