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 International Cooperation

Médicos del Mundo’s international cooperation activities incorporate a gender and human rights perspective and are focused on improving the health of marginalised communities in the countries in which the organisation maintains a presence and speaking out against any instances of exclusion we observe.

/ / / We maintain more than 70 projects in more than 20 territories and countries in Africa, the Americas and Asia.

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Social Inclusion

Social inclusion refers to social integration, social harmony and social justice, conditions that are contingent upon the implementation and enforcement of measures designed to ensure that all members of a society have an equal opportunity to participate in every facet of its social life (economic, legal, political or cultural as well as others).

/ / / Médicos del Mundo operates 28 projects in 12 of Spain’s autonomous communities that offer assistance to more than 20,000 individuals who suffer some form of social exclusion.


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Social Mobilisation

To combat disease, including the scourge of injustice, we must stir public opinion to a new level of awareness of the problems around us and mobilise all members of our society in support of our work.

/ / / Our organisation’s legitimacy rests on the work we do with people whose health is affected by their social exclusion or poverty. Nevertheless, our capacity to exert a positive influence and have an impact - essential for contributing to the eradication of social injustice – comes from community support.


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