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Didactic handbook 'A world in motion: a matter of rights'

Didactic handbook for working on migratory processes and multiple identities in the classroom.

This handbook is divided into two parts. The first part contains an introductory section on the social determinants of health and the Education for Social Transformation strategy that we address in our interventions.

The second part contains the four didactic activities designed by the illustrator and art teacher Ana Cebrián.

The activities are aimed at teachers and at the Doctors of the World’s technical team. The activities are divided into two different blocks: migratory processes, using the MIGRATE and BE and JOIN activities; and in the block on multiple identities the BELONG and CONNECT activities are used.

Each activity is four pages long and oers instructions and labels with key concepts that are explained in the handbook’s glossary. Teachers are free to creatively adapt the content of the activities to their respective contexts or use them for inspiration.