Luchemos juntos por una atención médica universal

Summary Report 2021

Just at the beginning of the year, an assault on the Capitol of the United States of America occurs, so the most symbolic building of the “the world’s largest democracy” was seen violated by a large
group of people armed with the intention of provoking a coup.

Months later, in Haiti, a country that has not been able to find the minimum of stability since “the purchase of its independence” from France, his fragile state was again battered by the political
violence in the form of an assassination of his president who in just a few months was about to end his term.

Nor have things improved in the Sahel, and the withdrawal of the French army from the mythical Timbuktu, in Mali, is an example of the impotence of the countries of the North
to stop decomposition of the states and the bankruptcy of the expectations of development of populations that, will resort to migration as a last hope for survival, imposing themselves tortuously, risky, prolonged and uncertain migrant itineraries. Circumstances that already reach more than one hundred million people, some refugees, others in transit and most in unsafe settlements in different parts of the world.

We had to continue fighting the COVID pandemic, while it was found at the same time records of vaccinated people were exceeded every month -although unevenly according to countries’ economic potential, -more than 5 million deaths have been reported directly as a result of the disease.

However, the great failure for human rights and progress set in Afghanistan. As a chronicle of death foretold, the Taliban regained absolute power in the country, while the international missions precipitated their departure leaving the population and, above all, Afghan women and girls buried, subdued, violated and annulled under the dark and bloody mantle of the Taliban army and extremist militias. In front of this situation, we can not resign ourselves. We will find, together with other organizations, the way for them to feel the solidarity of other women and civil society organizations, such as Doctors of the World. We want to feel as were own, the brutal violation and aggression to human rights.

At Doctors of the World, we will be on the good side, forming part and weaving knots of a large protective network and promoter of better health conditions, of the best possible health for any person as an expression of life and freedom and as a factor of progress and development for communities.

That’s why, in 2021 we were there, from our regional headquarters, so that groups and social collectives in vulnerable situations could use us as support and link with the health system.

Also, we worked in Haiti, making good the permanent and significant reminder of Forges: because to remember Haiti is to remember those who cannot rid themselves of misery, injustice, disease, and suffering.

During the year 2021, we maintained our efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine in Europa, the Saharawi in North-West Africa, the displaced in South Sudan, or contingents of Syrian in the North-East of the country. That is why we will continue, as long as the conflict continues, demonstrating our solidarity with the Palestinian people, and we will be in Central and South America contributing to the improvement and strengthening of their health systems.

The 2021 Report exhaustively (and accurately), includes the participation and effort of Doctors of the World to help populations that, in anywhere we have the ability to go, we will go if they suffer urgent needs for medical care and accompaniment for the protection of their fundamental rights.